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3 in 1: Outdoors + Norge + October

3 in 1: Outdoors + Norge + October

512,00 kr
640,00 kr
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This package includes in total 28 mobile presets from the Outdoors, Norge and October pack. You only need the free version of the Lightroom app to use them, and they work well on both JPG and RAW photos. Sometimes with a little tweaking.

arctic, cliff, cold breeze, dreamy, farm, film, forest, midnight sun, ocean, peak, sunny, warm breeze

easy 1, easy 2, album, polaroid, gold, cold, ice cold, mute, moody, bw

blueberry, caramel, corn, hazel, november, olive

Together with the preset files you will get an installation guide and some tips on which adjustments to do, to make each preset fit you photo. (It comes with both a Norwegian and English guide)

If you have any questions you can contact me on Instagram @helenemoo or through e-mail

Refund: It's not possible to return the product since it's digital and when you buy it you'll have it forever. So all sales are final.